Dessert Bars

Dessert Bars are the latest, greatest trend in events! They are great if you have a variety of guests attending, as everyone is sure to find something they love! They allow for more choices and an easier serving experience compared to a traditional cake, as the bars are pre-set before the event and will require no additional work beyond refilling the stations if necessary!

Step 1 – How many desserts would you like?

Your selection is almost limitless! We recommend allowing 3-4 pieces per person since most people will want to try a little of everything.

Step 2 – What would you like to serve?

Choose from mini varieties of any of our desserts. All of our existing options can be tailored to fit your size needs.

Step 3 – How many servings of each option would you like?

We recommend 3-4 bites per guest unless you have a sweet-tooth crowd!

Step 4 – How do you want to display your options? And how will your guests eat the treats?

The final bar will likely need a devoted table to display. If the table is large enough you can put the entire bar out and not have to worry about refilling anything. If your space is smaller, you may need to recruit someone to help refill the bar as the event goes on.  Most desserts can be nicely displayed on serving trays or cake stands. We have many options for rent or you may supply your own.

 If everything is going to be finger food and bite-sized, cocktail napkins are a great option. If some items will require a fork, small plates will usually work best. The beauty of dessert bars is the customization and ease of serving!