My interest in baking stretches back to when I could first reach to counter tops of our Washington home. Growing up in rural Washington meant internet was dial-up and places to go were few and far between. This helped grow my passion for all things baking.

As I got older and more involved with other activities in school my baking was put on the back seat. It was a hobby but had not yet become a passion. When I left home to go to college I found myself 400 miles from the familiar and reached for my trusty mixer to stay sane while attempting to get through my classes. At that point I knew I wanted to own a bakery of some kind but had yet to make real strides.

The years went on and the college went away but my desire to learn, practice, and eat everything sweet grew. I worked in several bakeries and sweet shops before taking a small career leap and getting myself a stable desk job. Now that I have my nights free to bake up a storm I’m excited to venture into new challenges!